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Whether you are in high school preparing for college, or in college wanting to transfer somewhere else, whether a graduate student, or a working professional in search of further education, you came to the right place. My mission is to listen to you and together discover the school where you will be comfortable and challenged at the same time.

With over 4,000 colleges/universities in the United States alone, there are many choices out there!

Added to this are the many on-line options that complement or individualize learning. Thus, there are a multitude of paths to acquiring an education leading to a career. It all depends on the individual. The higher education model of the past century has been transformed into an echo- system offering a combination of choices, including traditional ones. So, which one is right for you? This is when an academic/career coach can help.

Throughout my career in higher education, I had the privilege of interacting with a diversity of people and institutions across the world, fostering exchanges, and placing thousands of students in degree programs in the United States. I am passionate about learning, and about diversity.

These two passions have guided my life. Born into a multicultural family, and having lived in many different countries, I am comfortable working with diverse people and institutions. Also, I understand well, how complicated and cumbersome it is to apply to school in the United States.

I have dedicated my career in helping students gain acceptance to the most prestigious graduate and undergraduate programs in top universities such as Harvard University, MIT, Brown, and others. Equally important is my experience in working with small undergraduate colleges in New England.

My approach is highly individualized. It requires establishing a true connection with the applicant. For that purpose, I spend two or three sessions (on Skype, or in person) asking questions and listening to your answers. I developed a questionnaire to guide us through this process.

Equally important, in the case of undergraduate students, is to listen to the family or guardian. I have phone/Skype conversations with the student's guardian to determine the course of work.

Thus, every year, I take a small number of students, both undergraduate and graduates, and work with them until admitted, and beyond, offering guidance as to what seems to be the best choice for that individual.

At the same time, I continue to consult with universities in different capacities, which keeps me updated with current trends. This dual role equally beneficiary to institutions and to students is my greatest joy as it allows me to "bridge" cultures, peoples and dreams. Fortunately, many of the dreams come true.

Maya Evans
Warm Regards,
Maya G. Evans

International Association for College Admission Counseling